by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #50, CT #2009

"Abraham - The Man Who Obeyed God's Call"
Genesis 12:1-5

Herschel Hobbs, formerly the pastor of the First Baptist Church
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, said that one time he got to go to the
Amazon River. He said that as he stood there and looked out over
that massive, monstrous, marvelous river, as it emptied into the ocean,
his mind went back to the fact that somewhere, way, way up, thousands
of miles inland in South America, there was a little rill, and the
rill became a creek. The creek became a river, and the river went
into another river, and finally the great Amazon River, the mightiest
of all rivers, is born. He said as he thought about that, he thought
about this man Abraham, at the headstream of our faith.
Looking back into history, you see a man. God ventures in a
new way. He started out with a people, a people who had not yet
sinned. Then, man sinned, but God didn't give up. So he started
out with another group of people. Man didn't want to do it that way.
Man rebelled corporately. So God had to go another way. He
narrowed the channel of grace and He came to one man, and He decided
that He would reveal Himself and the way of life, and the way of
salvation and His only begotton Son through one man. That man's name
Ls Abrahaam.
In Genesis 12, we find this man named Abraham. Of the spiritual
giants of the Bible, and there are many, Abraham, Moses, and Paul
stand out at the headstream of faith. Here is a man born about 1900,
2000 years BC. Here was a man who came to the very important city
of Ur, a great city in that day. Here is a man whose father Terah,
was probably a moon-worshipper, a worshipper of idols and gods and
not the one true God. Here was a man who came out of a pagan back-
ground, but became the father of the Jewish race and our own Lord
Jesus Christ, the Messiah.
So w ...

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