by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #49, CT #1568

"The Flood"
Genesis 7

As oftens happens in the preaching of God's Word, it hits right
on what's happening around us. Anybody that has been reading the
papers lately knows what has been happening - the floods in Texas and
Alabama and Mississippi. Many of us have friends and loved ones who
have been affected by these floods. For instance, the First Baptist
Church in Jackson, Mississippi, was surrounded by water. Other places,
that have people that we know and loved, were endangered by floodwaters
at record heights. So when I came to realize that my subject covered
Genesis 6 and 7 on the flood, I realized that it was very relevant.
But Praise the Lord, I also realized that whatever was happening in
those other places, we didn't have to worry about a flood taking over
the world, because God's Word assures us that that was just one
judgment. The other judgment that will be worldwide is the coming
judgment by fire on all the earth. So whatever the floods may do,
as tragic as they are, they will never sweep the earth like they did
in this scripture, hundreds and thousands of years ago.
Patterson Smith described that great judgment of God in these
words: "The ark is finished. All the beasts, birds and pairs are
being gathered in the ark, and Noah and his family are busy from
morning until night, storing provisions. I wonder, did he preach
more earnestly, or was he too busy to preach now? I can fancy the
people laughing louder than ever to hide the little feeling of
uneasiness beginning to arise. The women sometimes crying secretly
at home, in fear for their little children, but nobody daring to
show their fear. There was a general determination to carry things
off with a high hand, and defy God and Noah by plunging into worse
"Five days and even six pass with clear blue skies, the ho ...

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