by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #47, CT #15L7

"Enoch - The Man Who Walked With God"
Genesis 5:18-27

Some years ago, we took a trip as a family. We've taken several
trips, but this one was special. We had planned it for a long time, and
we went West. If you want to know what Tour family ties are, live
four weeks in a car with five people for 7500 miles! I can tell you
if your family is going to make it or not, You'll either make it or
you'll break it. We went 7500 miles with a few squabbles here and
there and a few disagreements about where to eat, where to spend the
night, people picking on others, and all that.
When we got to Los Angeles, we decided that we'd spend the day
there, and we wanted to go to Universal Studios, We went, and took
the tour. We were riding along in one of those trams, and somebody
said, "There goes Telly Savalas.", Nearly everybody bailed off the
tram, and started running over to see Telly Savalas. There was just
a mass rush to get a glimpse at Kojak. I got to thinking, why is it
that we'll just about break out necks to see somebody that is very
famous or well known, and we don't go to too much trouble to walk with
God? It's just kind of incompatible. But that's the way we're made,
it seems like.
God wants us to walk with Him, to have a rush in our hearts to
walk with God in our everyday experience, Here in this fifth chapter
of Genesis, we have the story of a man who walked with God. We have a
story of one of the only two men who lived and never died. Elijah was
one of these men, and Enoch was the other. We also see here a man, the
only one the Bible ever talks about, who "pleased God.,, What a man
this man Enoch was. What a challenge he is to us today in walking
with God.
Let's look at this man and see what brought about his walk with
God, and how he walked with God, and thaw that walk ended. First of all,

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