by Jim Henry

Five Creation Truths
Jim Henry
Genesis 2

I was talking to a young man recently who said he believed the Bible, but he just wasn't sure that something as ancient as the Bible had a whole lot to say about us today. That's very common. It just shows the pride of man. After all, we're living in the 20th century! We're smarter than anybody has ever been. We know everything. What can some men who lived a long time ago, shepherds and folks like that, have to teach us today?

There's one very important thing that most people forget, and that is this: the Holy Spirit worked through the minds and hands of these people, and told them what to write. That way, man would have a written record of the word from God to man that we could understand. It's not really that deep; but it's deep and profound enough that people spend their lives studying, and don't always know it all.

But it's also very simple, that even a child can understand the truths of it. Truths are great principles that are written down that all men can grasp. So in Genesis 2, we're going to see that God gave us four or five basic principles, thousands of years ago, written into the creation story, that can give us victory in our ving in the 20th century today.

First of all, notice that in Genesis 2, there is the foundation of the day. Verses 1-3: ''And God made the seventh day and sanctified it.''

Now you see, God has been busy for six days. You would expect God, in all of this creation and all this rush, to just keep on going.

But suddenly, you have the celebration of stillness. God stops.
In the midst of all this magnificent creation, a busy God stops.
The Bible says He rested.

People ask, ''Does that mean that God got tired?'' No, God doesn't get tired. He's spirit. He's omnipotent. He doesn't get tired like we do. It means that God ceased from His work. He just drew a stopping point and said, ''That's it. I'm through for a while.''

So God desisted from His creation and He called it a ...

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