by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #41., CT #1979

"There's A New World A'Coming"
Revelation 19 & 20

Man has always searched for Utopia. In college or high school,
most of you took philosophy classes in which some of the great minds
of the centuries wrote down on paper what they thought thatthe world
could be like. They had a plan politically, governmentally, and
other ways in which they were going to try to bring a Utopia - a
perfect, beautiful world in which to live. And strangely enough,
men through the years have sought to make that kind of world come
to be.
Even in our own political system, we have had people who have
run for political office saying they would bring us a "new deal," or
a "fair deal," or a "Great Society," -etc. All of these ideals have
been captured in one way or the other for thousands of years, because
men have realized that the world in which we are living just isn't
quite what it ought to be. There has been a hunger in the hearts of men
to have a society in which there would be peace on earth. One in
which men would get along together; in which man and nature would
be in harmony.
The Bible says that kind of world is coming, because God has
always had a government, He has governed through men. In the early
days, He governed through the patriarchs and the judges. Then, at the
coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, He has run his affairs in
the church through the Holy Spirit. But worldwide, there has been
no system of government, no way of life, that has brought peace to
mankind. We have peace conferences, we have summits, we have all
kinds of pacts and alliances, trying to bring a kind of Utopia and
peace on earth. But at the same time, we're building armaments. We
are, they are, everyone is, and we know that that kind of world
is just not going to come until Jesus returns and the millenium
So, the Holy Spirit, speaking to the Apostle John, told him, as
he reve ...

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