by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.S. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE'
Print #40, CT #1860

"God's Gold Medal Winners"
II Corinthians 5:10

We're going to look at what God's Word says about the judgment
seat of Christ. This is part of the end times. In this series on
prophecy, we've been dealing with end times. This is a part of those
things that will happen at the end of time.
Open your Bible to II Corinthians 5:10. Keep your Bible open to
that verse, for it will be the key text, but we will also be looking
at many other places in the New Testament. There is a lot of confusion
about what happens at the judgment seat of Christ. I pray that this
message will be clarifying for you, and it will also bring you to
conviction as you realize there comes a day of accountability for
every one of us who knows the Lord Jesus Christ. II Corinthians
"For we must all appear before the judgment seat of
Christ, that everyone may receive the things done in
his body according to that he hath done, whether it be
good or bad."
In recent days, there has been such a lot of interest in the
Olympics in several ways. First of all, the Winter Olympics, and
secondly, are we going to the Summer Olympics in Russia, and those
kindsof questions. We have thrilled at the exploits of Eric Heiden,
who won five gold medals. I don't think there was a single time
that he got out on the ice that I didn't get a lump in my throat as
I watched this magnificent athlete, as finely tuned as a Swiss watch,
make those moves and start at the very smallest event as far as distance,
and move up to the longest. He made several world and Olympic records
and I got a thrill out of watching him.
Of course, all of us remember the United States hockey team and
that tremendous victory they had. All in the midst of that there was
a sad note, because of Jim Thorpe, who had won some gold medals several
years ago. The committee was ...

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