by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.8. McLeod Road
Orlandot FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #38 & 39, CT #1984

"Eternity - Parts I & II"
Revelation 21 & 22

In England, in some of those old large castles, some great war
lords gathered. The missionaries sat down and tried to explain to
them about Jesus and Christianity. One of the kings said, "Please tell
me if your Christianity has any answers for the life to come, for to us,
life is like the sparrow that flies in our meeting hall. He comes out
of the darkness, flies through the light, and then he disappears at the
other end into darkness. Can your Christianity tell us what's on the
other end of darkness?"
Of course, those missionaries had good news, because in the Word of
God it tells us what's on the other end of darkness. Eterinity - the
place for the redeemed who know Jesus is called Heaven; for those without
Jesus, it's called Hell. In Revelation 21 and 22, we get a picture,
mostly of that glorious estate of the redeemed, all who are in Jesus,
I don't know what you think about Heaven, but I know that nearly
everybody here has thought about it, because you know that in studying
even the most ancient civilizations, there has been insight, there have
been studies made and we've found that even the most ancient of people
believed in a life that was immortal. In fact, to my knowledge, they
have not found a single civilization that did not have some hope of
immortal life.
I know that you've thought about Heaven. I don't know what
you've thought about Heaven. When you were younger, you may have
thought of it as a kind of boring place. After all, what are you
going to do in Heaven? Sit around with a harp, sing a while, then
what do you do next? That's the kind of picture many of us had wien
we saw pictures in storybooks of the angels floating around Heaven
with harps. We could see ourselves there, but what else?
Heaven's going to be a ...

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