by Jim Henry

Jim Henry Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #33, CT #1842

"Will Christians Go Through The Tribulation?"

In recent days we've been talking about the Second Coming. Last
time we dealt with the Rapture in trying to delineate what it is.
Tonight we want to look at the Great Tribulation. Many Christians
are asking, "Will the church go through the tribulation? Will I go
through the tribulation that is spoken of in the Book of
In chapters 5-19, you have the definition. It is a horrible
scene. I picked out some of the phrases that were used to describe
the tribulation, so in case you're not versed in the Book of
Revelation, I want to define the tribulation so you will understand
why Paul and others wrote to the church and told them that they
would not face it.
First of all, the tribulation is defined as that period of God's
wrath upon the earth in a series of judgments spoken of in Revelation.
Basically in chapter 4, but really picking up in hapters- 6 through 19.
The Seals Judgment, bringing in the antichrist, war, famine, death,
martyred souls, persecution, changes on earth; and then the period of
The trumpets. Seven trumpets shall blast. At the sound of the
trumpets, one-third of the earth will be set afire; one-third of the
trees on the earth will be burned, all the grass will be burned, a
meteor will destroy all of the ships and the fish in the seas, and
one-third of the sea will turn to blood.
There will be falling stars that will poison one-third of all the
water. One-third of the sun and moon and the stars will be darkened.
There will be five months of torture by a serpent or scorpion-type sting.
An army of two hundred million men will kill one-third of mankind.
There will be an earthquake and 7,000 will die in the City of Jerusalem
from that earthquake.
Then, comes the last of the Vials Judgments. There will be boils
for ...

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