by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.8. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program, "WE BELIEVE"
Program #29, CT# 2174

(II Timothy 4:6)

Archeus was a Greek ruler. He was not loved, consequently there were many
people out to take his life. One night as he was going to a feast, a messenger
approached him with a sealed envelope and said to him, "Sir, read this. There
is an urgent message within." "I'll take it," he said, "But I cannot read it
now. Feasting tonight! Serious matters tomorrow!"
Again the man urged him, "Read this! It's crucial to your life!" And
again, Archeus said, "Feasting tonight! Serious matters tomorrow!"
That night, at the feast, the dagger found its way to his heart and
stilled him forever.
It's easy to say "feasting today and serious matters tomorrow," but the
Word of God is a constant reminder that we must put serious matters first today
and then feast tomorrow.
The Apostle Paul was facing death. He is very close to imminent death -
any moment. Day after day he has heard them come to get the Christians and
political prisoners and take them off to kill them. He knows that now he is
in that position. The emperor has decided that for some reason this man has
gotten these Christians moving around, and stirred, and now they are a threat
to the Roman Empire. Paul knows that at any moment the time of his departure
is at hand; therefore, he is writing this last letter which we have from his
hand to young Timothy.
Young Timothy is going to be his successor, apparently. He is the young
preacher in whom the Apostle Paul has invested a lot of his life and time in.
So he writes Timothy, and in his letter he says these words: "The time of my
departure is at hand. I am ready to be offered up as an offering."
Now, when you read that, you may think he's ready to give his body as a
sacrifice for the Lord, and he was. But there is a much more beautiful meaning
here. If you g ...

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