by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
100 East Pine Street
Orlando, Florida 32801
Reprinted from Radio Program , "WE BELIEVE"
Print #25, CT #2144

(Philippians 3:20-21)

Just a few weeks ago in another city, a group of men and women met
together to try to find out why we age and why we die. There were geron-
tologists and physicians and cellulists, and all kinds of people who had
any kind of input on that subject. They read papers that they had written,
and they tried to come up with the factors which make humans age and then
Well, you guessed the answer. They didn't come up with an answer.
They found out that nobody knew. They may come up with something later,
but it probably won't solve anything. After all, suppose you were able
to live for a long time and somebody else was not. Wouldn't it be an awful
world to find out 100 years later that nobody remembered you or knew you
or cared about you?
There are a lot of theological questions which enter into this. But
don't worry about it. I don't think you'll have to, because they probably
won't discover the secret. Everybody is going to die anyway, because the
Bible says so, and aging isn't too bad.
I got a clipping from one of our members. A lady in a church up in
Appalachia had written her friends on her 80th birthday. She wrote this
"On reaching 80, I've got it made. We oldsters
sure do get away with a lot just because we've
managed to keep breathing longer than anybody
else. -
I've just celebrated my 80th birthday, and I've
got it made. If I forget someone's name or an
appointment, or what you said yesterday, I just
explain that I'm 80, and I'm forgetful. If I
spill soup on my dress or forget to put on my
makeup or take some other lady's handkerchief
by mistake, or carry a letter for weeks that I
should have mailed, I just say, 'I'm eighty!'
and that makes it okay.
One has the perfect alibi for everything when
she's 80. If you act silly, you're ...

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