by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #24, CT 2137

(I Samuel 28:3-20)

"Oh, the road to Endor is the oldest road,
And the craziest road of all;
Straight it runs through the witch's abode,
As it did in the daays of Saul.
And nothing is changed of the sorrow in store
For such as go down the road to Endor."
Richard Rudyard Kipling wrote that some years ago. It's still a
crazy road that leads to Endor. It is absolutely amazing today the number
of people who get carried down that road to Endor.
Last week, after preaching the message, several of you said: "Brother
Jim, there's one experience in the Bible where it talks about somebody who
apparently came back to life." You're right. It's the witch of Endor.
I just barely touched on it last week. I had hoped that you wouldn't
say anything about it, but several of you have said you want to know a
little more about it. I hadn't intended to preach on it today, but felt
that I should, so today I am going to deal with the witch of Endor, or
communicating with the dead.
Can we communicate with the dead? Many people ask that question. A
few years ago, nobody would have asked that. Do you know why? Because most
people were founded in the Word of God. Most pulpits and churches were teaching
the Word of God and people were grounded in the truth. That is no longer the
case today. People don't know the Word of God today, and they are looking for
something supernatural. And because that has not been preached in the pulpit
and taught in the Sunday School room, people have sought the supernatural
in the wrong way.
I think this was really opened, at least to the Christian community
as such, when Bishop Pike supposedly had an encounter with his dead son, Jim.
Some of you may have read the book, The Other Side, or you may have kept up with
this encounter. I think LOOK, or LIFE magazine publ ...

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