by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
First Baptist Church
3701 L.B. McLeod Road
Orlando, FL 32805
Reprinted from Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #23, CT #2133

"Where Do Christians Go After Death?"
Luke 23:43

Because so many of you have asked in recent Seeks, I felt like I
ought to preach a brief series on what happens to the Christian after
death. So many of you have asked me such questions as, "What about my
loved ones - where are they, what are they doing? Where does a
Christian go immediately following death?" Today we will deal with
where the Christian goes immediately after death.
Somebody has called death "the predictable event." Leckie called
it "the melancholy anti-climax of life," Death is a subject that someone
has said that you must squarely look at in order to really fulfill your
life because a person who runs and turns his back on death cannot
adequately cope with life.
Death is different things to different people. To some people
it's just a natural event, To other people it is an intervention -
to remove people from illness and pain and sorrow into another world,
To some people it's a contradiction. Because it's a contradiction,
that feeling that life ought to go on and death comes in to intercept
it, there are a lot of torn emotions about it,
A philosopher said you can't look at death steadily. It's like
looking at the sun - no man can gaze upon it long. We're not going
to look at it long these next few weeks, but we want to look at it
rather steadily in order to help us come to grips with the truth
and the Word of God about what happens to the Christian the moment
of death.
It is not normal to want to die. It is normal to want to live.
I read a story about Abraham Lincoln, He went to a meeting one time
and a preacher asked how many of them wanted to go to Heaven, Everyone
held up their hands except Aaraham Lincoln, The preachei- thought that
maybe he didn't hear it good and he said, "How many of you want to
go to Heaven? Hold ...

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