by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
“Growing a Godly Daughter”
Proverbs 2:14-19

A Sunday School teacher was seeking to teach her class about prayer. The disciples asked Jesus to teach us how to pray, so it’s a good thing to want to know how to pray. She got them in a circle and she said, “All right now, what I want you to do in a moment is to close your eyes and I want you to think about the world. I want you to think about yourself. I want you to think about your family. I just want you then, in your heart, to talk to God. That’s what chat prayer is. Everyone bow your heads.” All the boys and girls bowed their heads. Not long after their heads were bowed, a boy chirped up and said, “Help!” That little fellow had looked at his world, looked at his family, and his prayer was “help.” That’s the call that is going out from a lot of people today. “Help!” It’s that kind of world. A psychologist from Berkley, California, School of Behavioral Science, when being interviewed said, “We really are not doing a very good job in helping parents.” She said, “The reason is this: until a few years ago, there was no study on parenting. Now that we have people studying parenting and really looking at it, instead of helping parents become better parents, we are adding to their anxiety in becoming better parents.”

CBS News was interviewing a man one time who was a psychologist, and the interviewer asked the man, “Would you tell us, since it seems that we made a mistake by following one man’s version of raising children for 20 years, would you tell us what your version and the way we ought to raise our children is?” The man very wisely and honestly said, “Behavioral Science is so young in the matter of home relationships, that we really cannot tell you anything that is infallible At this stage of the game, we really don’t have any answers.” It seems to me that God did not give a man and a woman children and then leave them without any guidance in discerning what kind of children they had, wh ...

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