by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
100 E. Pine Street
0rlando FL 32801
Reprinted from Radio Program WE BELIEVE'
Print #19, CT .11616

"The Middle Years"
I Samuel 11:1-7

I first discovered life's most dangerous years several years ago.
I had never been taught it, or I just didn't hear it. But, I discovered
it in another place in another time. There was a man who had been
married to his wife several years. In fact, they were grandparents.
One day he walked in and announced to her that he was leaving her. She
said, "Why?" He said, "Well, I've fallen in love with a younger
woman." She said, "W1hat do you mean by that?" He really couldn't
explain it.
I went to see him and I talked to her and did everything I could
to try to pull that marriage together, and people prayed. It was one
of those situations I have found a lot of times, where two folks are
disagreeing, there's sometimes 50/50, sometimes 60/40, 70/30 maybe,
but this was one of the times I believe that it was about 90/10.
He was about 90% wrong.
He went on through with it and divorced her. He left her and
started living with this other woman. It wasn't very long until he
died suddenly and I think, prematurely. He said he was saved and born
again, but he wouldn't repent, wouldn't do what God told him to do in
the Book. I believe, (and I'm not being a judge, it's just an opinion,
so don't say I'm judging peoplel I don't know that, but it's my opinion,)
that God just took him on out. But I recognize that that man, (and this
was the first case I believe that had I insight into,) was going through
the most dangerous time of his life, and he floundered on the reefs and
he sunk.
Life's middle years are life's toughest years. F. W. Boyle 'as
talking about some people who were on a trip. Some men were discussing,
"Nhen is the most difficult part of a journey?" One man said it's the
beginning because when you begin there's a tremendous enthusiasm and
exhilaration of people all ar ...

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