by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
100 E. Pine Street
Orlando, FL 32801
Reprinted From Radio Program "WE BELIEVE"
Print #17 & 18, CT #1611

"Children's Rights - Parts I and II"
Proverbs 1:5-8

Our parental responsibility is to teach our children. In
teaching our children we need to remember that "folly is bound up in
the heart of a child," as the writer of Proverbs says. The word folly
means "foolishness," which can be driven out by the "rod of discipline."
That rod of discipline doesn't always mean a spanking with a hand or a
belt or something else; it can mean other forms of discipline. But we
need to remind our children that they are part of a fallen race, and
have inherited an evil heart, but that Christ can make them right and
cleansed, and forgiven, and good.
Our society says you're good, and then you may become evil.
God's Word says you have a sinful heart but by the help of Christ
you can be good. So it's important that we teach them about their
fallen nature and that their hearts are foolish. That doesn't put
them down, that doesn't make them seem less of a person; it helps
them basically to understand the way God looks at the world, to
understand how God thinks about who they are.
I don't have to tell you; everyone of us knows that our child's
heart 4 5 wrpped and bet toward-sin-. Dr. Frel Sampson, one of my
favorite preachers, a wonderful black preacher, said that one time he
had to discipline his little boy. The little boy disobeyed his
daddy and he had to punish him, and he was mad because he had been
punished. He said, "All right now, son, you go up to your room and
you get on your knees and you talk to God. You tell God you're
sorry that you sinned." He said, "I don't want to do it!." He said,
"Yes, you're going to. Now you go up to your room and pray." He
said, "Can I do it by myself?" He said, "No, I'm going to go pray
with you." "I don't want you tol" "Well, I'm going to. I want to
make sure you and the ...

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