by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
"Does Your Biology Match Your Theology?
I Corinthians 6:13-30

Have you ever said to your child, or been out with a group
of folks and somebody said, "Shh! Here comes the preacher!"? I
don't know if you've ever done that, and you probably haven't, but
some probably have. For some folks, the preacher is the "bogey-man."
"If you're not good, I'm going to tell the preacher on you." For
some reason we preachers get a lot of undeserved blame. Parents are
going to whip the children and if they don't behave in church they
say, "Shh. The preacher doesn't like that!" People don't say,
"The lawyers don't like it, " or, "the doctors don't like it," or,
"ssh, here comes the engineers." It's "Here comes the preacher."
There is a tendency to think that the preacher represents God,
and therefore God is always going around stopping good times and fun.
That's kind of the idea that we have in our society. But God always
has a plan and He has some boundaries for life. Those boundaries
and those plans are for our good, for our blessing. Life is a
journey. C. S. Lewis said, "Life is like a voyage on a sea with a
fleet of ships. The voyage is considered successful if every ship
is in good order, they do not collide on the trip, and they reach
their destination."

The Word of God has been given us, in order to see that the ship
is in good order, that we do not collide with others on the trip,
and that we reach the other side in good order. God has covered
every possible need that man would have by principle in His scripture.
He has also been very explicit. One of the areas He is very explicit
about, is out sexual behavior. I would like to deal with that from
the Word of God about keeping your bodies as a vehicle for Christ
and not a tool of the devil.

Let's begin first of all by looking at four great biblical facts
about sex. The Bible is beautifully clear and wonderful. We don't
have to run from it, we just see what God says. First o ...

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