by Jim Henry

God's Answers for Loneliness
Jim Henry
John 12

Singles face several particular, and maybe peculiar needs. I've listed them as four and I think one of them would be lack of purpose in life. The second one is low self-esteem. The third one is how to deal with sexual needs. And fourth, and probably the biggest one since it impinges on the others, is loneliness. How to deal with, not only being alone, but with loneliness. Many people feel like that student who carved on his desk, "How can I be lonely when there are 2000 people around?"

Some of you are lonely, and there are nearly 2000 people around you, and yet you are lonely. In a sense, everybody is lonely at some time. There are times that everybody has that kind of vacuum in his or her life. In fact, I could say that of the greatest problems in America today, the one that probably leads to more depression, is loneliness. And loneliness leads to suicide, to drugs, and to alcohol, to all kinds of things. Loneliness seems to be a pervading problem in our American culture. And so, I'm not only speaking to singles, I'm also speaking to people who are married, because I know some married people who are lonely. God has a word to say to all of us about dealing with this very important need in our lives. So let's look at the Word of God.

I want to begin first of all by enunciating three facts about loneliness. First of all, everybody lives alone. You were born alone, you'll die alone. In between you'll make decisions that nobody else can make. You'll make job decisions, you'll make school decisions, you'll choose a mate, by yourself. Nobody else can make those decisions. Eisenhower said that perhaps the loneliest moment of his life was when he heard the weather report and had to decide whether he was going to go on with the D-Day invasion or stop it. And there came a point after he had heard all the weather reports; everything had been said, everything was ready to go, but he had to make a choice. If he had mad ...

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