by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
"God's View Of The Single"
I Corinthians 7?8-10

When we study the Word of God, we know that God has clear
counsel and He touches on all areas of our life. One of the areas that
he speaks to very clearly is the matter of being single. Several
years ago when the newspapers and those who were studying and looking
at statistics said, "There's a new wave coming in the future. Well,
there's really two - there will be a wave of senior adults - our
population will be aging. The other one was a wave of singles moving
into the buying market in the late 60's and into the 70's and now
into the 80's." Some people read it and didn't believe in it because
we were so much used to husband, wife, and two, or three or four
children. It was hard to think in terms of single family units. And
yet that very thing has happened in our day.
Just to give you an idea, in our service this morning, I'd like
for everyone who is either widowed, never married, or formerly married
to hold up your hand, please. You see what I'm talking about?
Absoloutely amazing how many are single. Last Sunday we had 25 or 30
people to visit our church for the first time who are prospects who
are looking for a church home. I went down that list and I only found,
I believe, three couples. The rest were singles.
We're now living in a culture that's really becoming singles-
dominated. I read the other day that there were 15 million unmarried
women and 13 million unmarried men in our country. That was about three
or four years ago and I'm sure that figure is even heightened now.
Therefore, there's a large group of people who need the counsel of
Now I know that some people are single by circumstance. Many
colleges put this on their questionaire, "What did you come to college
for?" And one girl wrote, "I came to be went with, but I ain't yet."
Well, there are some folks that are in circumstances that maybe are
not of their own choice, but that's where they are. To ...

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