by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
“Husbands – Love Your Wives!”
Ephesians 5:23-33

God tells us very clearly what blesses Him. I want to talk to you men, particularly. We’re going to hear what kind of husband you are supposed to be, what God expects you to be, and what He expects you to do.

One time a counselor was talking to a man and he said, “I’ll tell you, you just don’t know the kind of woman I’m living with. If you did, you wouldn’t be talking about these things. My woman is a nag, and a hag, and a bag - all rolled up into one package!” The counselor said, “Well, let me tell you why your wife is a hag, and a nag, and a bag. The reason she’s a nag is because you never listen to her, never talk to her, and never do what she asks you to do when she’s trying to get you to do what’s right. So she nags you to get you in the position you ought to be because you haven’t heard her.

Secondly, she is a hag because she gets her hair all fixed up and dolls up for you a little bit extra, and you never notice her, never tell her how pretty she looks, never tell her you’re grateful that she went to all that extra trouble, so she doesn’t care anymore! The reason she’s a bag is because she’s frustrated, and the only way she can get over her frustration is by eating. She’s gained a lot of weight because she’s mad at you!”

Now, brothers, I don’t know if you’re married to a nag, hag, or bag... or all three in one or whatever. But I do believe that the man is responsible for what happens in his house and what kind of wife he has and the kind of children he has. God’s Word makes it very clear.


I want to point out three major things that will help you to love your wife as the Apostle Paul says, “Husbands, love your wives.” It is a command. I have stated it several times recently.... let me state it one more time: THE HUSBAND IS TO BE THE SPIRITUAL HEAD OF THE HOUSE.

Men, you have no choice. You have no option. Whatever societ ...

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