by Jim Henry

Jim Henry, Pastor
“Your Home - Who’s In Charge?”
Genesis 2:18-25

In 1912 the Titanic went down. In those cold North Atlantic waters, 1200 people lost their lives; subsequent investigations found one thing that kept running through. The people on ship said there was always on that terrible, tormented night people were running through the galleys and corridors and above board saying, “Who’s in charge here? Who’s in charge here?" For it seems in that terrible tragedy no one was in charge. That could well be the question of a lot of people today.

Who’s in charge? People like to know who’s in charge. Who’s in charge of the government, who’s in charge of the church, who’s in charge of the family? For it is knowing who is in charge that gives security and strength, and where there is no leadership and where there is no power, there is a vacuum and all kinds of confusion runs into it. That is why the word of God has been very clear about outlining lines of authority. Lines of authority in government, lines of authority in the church and lines of authority in the home. When those are obeyed, God blesses. When they are not obeyed, there is trouble. Always you can count on problems, but you can count on blessings when they are followed.

Now God has given some guidelines for the home I want to share those with you. I am sure that some of you will not agree with everything I have to say. That is perfectly all right, I am not asking you to, but I am asking you to give a fair. If you write to me, I will write you back and it will probably say something like this, Thank you for writing, you may be right. Sincerely, Jim Henry. For I am not about to get into any arguments, I just simply want to state some things that I believe to be principal.

It is evident that things are not right in America in the family. Thirty percent of the children live with parents who are single parents. One-sixth of all children who are under 16, live in one-parent homes. The average fami ...

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