by Jim Henry

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Eternal Security, Part 2 of 2
Jim Henry
John 15

It’s important to know. I like to be around people who know. I like a doctor who knows what he’s doing. When I fly, I want a pilot who knows what he’s doing up there in that cockpit. I like to know folks who know the direction they’re going in. We seem to gravitate to people who know something. We like to be around that kind of people, because there’s a certainty, a sureness that even though they may stumble or fail at some point, there’s an overriding sense that they know who they are and where they’re going, and why. It’s not, simply an emotion, but it’s built on a principle. And once a principle grabs your heart, then it’s not so important whether the emotion is there or not. Knowing is important.... in your heart and in your head; and when you know that you know that you know Jesus, it makes all the difference in the world. And knowing that you cannot lose what He has begun is very important.

I have recently been going to a health spa, mainly because I enjoy relaxing in the steam baths, and that kind of thing. The guy there said I needed my muscles toned up a little bit. Well, I don’t have a lot, but what I have I’d like to have toned up, so I told them that would be fine. So they measured me and got me all fixed up, you know, with a little routine. This guy follows me around with a notebook and tells me to do “ten of these and 15 of those,” and I was doing pretty well. They’ve got mirrors everywhere, and boy, if you are vain, you can really be vain there—there are mirrors in the ceiling, around the walls—mirrors everywhere!

So I thought I wasn’t doing too bad for weighing 155 pounds - pretty well put together - so I thought I would go over to this big weight-press thing and work out. I was getting ready to go over there, but he says, “Wait a minute. Somebody else is going to do this.”

This guy comes walking up... .not walking like most of us.. .he kind of walked like this... .boom... boom! His le ...

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