by Jim Henry

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Eternal Security, Part 1 of 2
Jim Henry
II Timothy 1:12

There are four classes of people I want to mention today. You just decide which class you are in, in relationship to your salvation. First of all there are those who feel they had it and lost it. Secondly, there are those who know they were saved, and still know it. Third, there are those who never had it. And fourth, those who are not sure. Now, you are in one of those four categories. There is no way you could miss. Some of you may feel like you are in two or three of them, but you are in at least one.

I hope this message and the next will clarify it in such a way that you will know that you are saved. And knowing that you are saved and having the assurance of your salvation, you will come to understand this dynamic truth of the perseverance of the saints by the power of the Holy Spirit and our keeping our salvation through God’s work. And secondly, that through this message, if you are not saved, you will come to be saved, so that you will know that you are saved.

First of all, I want us to look at some misconceptions about salvation. That helps, I think, to understand the security of the believer. One of the misconceptions we have about being saved is that you are saved by your feelings. People say, “Well, I just believe that if you knew you were saved, you would feel it.” Now, if that is the way you get saved, if somebody would please tell me what feeling that is, as described in that Scripture, I would appreciate it. Nobody’s going to do that because the Bible never tells us that we are saved by our feelings. The Bible says that we are saved “By His grace, through faith, and that not of ourselves; it is the gift of God.” You are not saved by how you feel.

Some of you are married. You are more married than you could ever think! You may have had a fight going to church. A disagreement over your burnt offering for breakfast, or something. But you know that you know you are married, whether ...

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