by Jim Henry

What Does God Expect of Me?
Jim Henry
Matthew 25:14

It is a good question to ask: What does God expect of me? I was saved at an early age and I don’t remember anybody exactly telling me all that God expected of me. I’m disappointed that they didn’t. I was fortunate to have been raised in some good churches where I was taught the Word of God and where at my mother’s side, at my grandfolks’ and by some wonderful teachers, I learned a lot from the Word of God. I learned early some things that God expected of me.

But, you know, I had to come later on in my ministry to where I really understood the Word of God in teaching me about spiritual gifts. And His wanting to use me and give me things to be a blessing in the church.

I was a layman before I was a preacher. I was a schoolteacher. In that school teaching position, I also had a ministry in the church. As long as I can remember, I have had some place of ministry in the Body of Christ. I have loved it. Loved every minute of and never regretted a single second of it. But I have become more and more convicted that many Christians do not know what God expects of them. So, in that context, I want to answer that question from the Word of God.

What does God expect of you in the Body of Christ? We can talk about witnessing, and evangelism, and doing something for the community, and all of that. But I just want to talk right now about what God expects of you in the family of God. God has expectations for His family. Let’s look then, first of all, at this very simple story.

Jesus was teaching His disciples. He was getting ready to go away. Jesus had a job for them to do, so He put it very simply. He said, “It is like a man, a master, who called three servants and said, ‘I’m going away for awhile and I’m giving you boys something to do. To one of you, I’m going to give five talents. To one of you, two talents. And to one of you, one talent. And I’m going to expect you all to do something with that whil ...

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