by Jim Henry

We Believe In Heaven
Jim Henry
Revelation 21:1

Channing Pollack was writing in The North American Review about the question, “Does Heaven Matter?” Mr. Pollack said, “Really, Heaven doesn’t matter.” And the synopsis of his opinion was this: It’s not so much whether Heaven exists or not, but as far as he was personally concerned, he didn’t care. And, you know, you find people on both extremes. You find people who do believe and people who don’t. And some people say, “Well, we’re living in such a terrible world, why do you try to think about things that are irrelevant, that are far removed from the sin, the pain, the need and the hurt of people and things today?” That is true. No evangelical Christian takes his eyes and his heart away from the total needs of the world in which he lives. In fact, a man who’s in Jesus Christ, who knows the Word of God and who is following Jesus as Lord is very cognizant of what is going on in this world. But he also has another eye, and that looks toward Heaven. Therefore, to a believer, Heaven is a very important part of life. We believe, as evangelical Christians, that Heaven is a place of marvelous and wonderful existence.

There’s no way in these pages that I could cover all the joys and grandeurs of Heaven. There’s no way that the tongue of a man could possibly do so. But I’d like to give you just some insights from the Word of God that will bring you hope and challenge as you think about the life to come. The first thing I’d like you to notice as we look at the Word of God is that Heaven is a place. Now, when we say that, two things come up. The first thing arises when we’re trying to define it. We’re talking about something infinite and removed from this world and it’s hard to come up with definitions. How do we describe something that we’ve never seen or been a part of? We cannot do that.

The second difficulty that we run into is trying to correlate what we do know with the world in which we live. How can one whos ...

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