by Ron Clarkson

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A Vision for My Church Future (4 of 4)
Series: Vision for My Future
Ron Clarkson
Acts 2:41

Illus: Game of Football applied to the church: Maybe, you do not know it, church is a lot like a football game. At least, that is what this report on the internet this past week said. Did you know that many of the rules and penalties of the game of football apply to the church as well? Here is a sampling of them: offsides-that is sitting in someone else's pew. A penalty usually assessed to visitors; draft choice-selection of a seat near a church door; draw play-what many children and some adults do with their bulletin; fake-when a pastor says, ''This morning, I'll like to briefly talk about. . .''; two-minute warning-when the pastor's wife points to her watch; overtime-what can get a pastor fired!; timeout-when parent take their children out of church because they are misbehaving; blitz-the stampede for the door for the cappucino and expresso after the service; 1st down-when the pastor reaches the second point of his message and no one has fallen asleep; referee-a mother sitting between two children; backfield in motion-people who slip out of church during the service; and illegal procedure-when the pastor prays in the middle of the service because he realizes that his zipper is down so he ask the people to bow their heads and close their eyes so he can zip up his zipper. What is the church, anyway? Is it brick and mortar? Stain glass windows and pipe organs? Is it choirs or bands? Is it a routine activity? Is it something traditional for us to do? Is it a guilt reliever or a placebo for pain? If you ask different people, you get different answers. And before I talk about a vision for your church future, let's step back and try to get a basic understanding of what a church is.

The Bible talks about an ''invisible'' church. This refers to all the people from all generation and all locations who have trusted Jesus as their savior. I belong to the same church that the ...

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