by Ron Clarkson

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Vision for My Future
by Ron Clarkson

Vision for My Spiritual Life
January 18, 1998

Illus: Wrong number:
Do you ever get a wrong number? People call you and they ask for something or they ask
for someone. It can frustrate you a little bit. It was about a week ago I had a phone call.
It was on the answering machine and the dear sweet older lady complaining because the
Andy Griffith tape that I sent her had a crack in it. She wanted to assure me that it was
still wrapped in the cellophane, but she could see through the cellophane. She wanted me
to send her another Andy Griffith tape. Well, normally I just neglect that, but I had to
call her back. I didn’t get "as mam, you call me about the Andy Griffith tape" and she
went into this whole spill again and I had to tell her, "I’m sorry; you have the wrong
number." There is a production company in Colorado Springs that has the phone number
that is 531-9600 and ours is 6900.

Illus: Phone won’t stop ringing:
I thought I had it bad getting the wrong number until I read this, this past week. It is a
true story about a lady name Leola Starling in Ribrock Tennessee. There was a brand
new $10 million motel that went in or next to in that town called the Ribrock Plaza
Motel. It opened nearby and it had nearly an identical phone number. The first day they
opened up, she started getting phone calls for the motel. She complained about it and
told the folks, this isn’t the motel. She went to the motel and talked to the management.
Management would not do anything about it. Then she talked to the phone company and
they said, "Ma’am, I’m sorry, that is just the luck of the draw. There is really nothing
that we can do for you." So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. It started at
9:00 in the morning when the phone rang. Someone from Memphis called for a motel
room so she booked it. She said no problem; how many nights do you want? The next
day ...

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