by Ron Clarkson

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Vision for My Future
by Ron Clarkson

Vision for My Personal Life
January 11, 1998

Opening Joke:
There was a pastor who lived in a town where they were fanatic football fans and they
were about to build a new church facility. He had a little problem and he was kind of
frustrated today. He talked to his architecture about this. You see, I know that it is hard
to believe but, everyone in his congregation sat in the back of the auditorium and he was
frustrated with that. He wanted to know how he could get the people to move to the
front. So the architect said, I tell you what. I’ll take care of that problem; it won’t be a
problem at all and I tell you what. You’re not only will be happy, but all the people in
the congregation will be just as happy with the design that I will give you. So, he said,
fine and he trusted the architect. They designed this new facility. The pastor came in
and he went up to speak. He saw all the people sitting in the back He got up to the
podium and there were two buttons there. One button said, push this button when you
begin to speak. The other one said, push this button at 12:00. So he pushed the button.
Before he started to speak, all the seats were built on a conveyor belt. They all rolled to
the front of the auditorium and all the empty ones in the front rolled to the back. He
thought this was the greatest thing in the world. He was so happy and you know when a
pastor gets happy or fired up, he tends to be a little long-winded. He was going and
going, and he looked down and saw that it was 12:00; he was suppose to be done. He
pushed that button, trap door opened up, he fell through, people stood up and applauded
and made it home for the kick-off.

An architect with vision. Vision is trying to make everybody happy; no. Vision, if you
have vision in your life, chances are people will not be happy with what you choose to
accomplish. It’s not always a win win s ...

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