by Ron Clarkson

Living a G Rated Life in an X Rated World
August 26, 1990
Prayer: Father, we look to you this morning to help us
understand nd deal with a tough issue. It is something that
effects nearly every arena of our life. It effects our job,
our home, our relationships, wife, kids, as well as our
relationship with you. We are talking about truth, and our
efforts to be truth tellers on a daily basis, in all areas
of our life. Help us recognize the importance of being a
truthteller, and how it matters in our day to day life.
Intro: Some of you are not aware of my personal background
and I felt a need to share some of that with you since I'm
talking about "truth" this morning. I need to open up my
past and be honest with you.
I used to live a terrible life. I was caught up in the
sinful world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was kicked
out of the house, totally rebellious, thrown in jail and
finally ended up an alcoholic on skid row. Realizing I was
on the road to destruction I came to my senses, turned from
my evil ways and became a Christian when I turned 6.
I had you worried for a little while, didn't I? At least I
hope you were. That testimony I gave you I call my Joe
Isuzu testimony.
We live in a world, unfortunately, that is overflowing with
falsification and lying. Some think it is some kind of art
or virtue to lie or misrepresent something or someone.
Advertisers lie to sell product, politicians lie to get
votes and people are increasingly accepting of the practice.
In reality, they say, all truth is just relative.
A house sub committee estimated that I out of every 3
working Americans is hired with educational or career
credentials that have been altered in some way - lying on
their resume. Continually on the news we hear of those
public figures being forced by the legal system to speak the
truth. Duplicity and deception in private and public lives
seems to be more and more prevalent.
But, if I were ...

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