by Ron Clarkson

Living a G Rated Life in an X Rated World
August 19, 1990
On a brisk winter night years ago when I was about 11 or 12
years old, I was riding in the car with our family. It was
a Sunday night and like every Sunday and Wednesday night, we
were returning from church. We lived out in a moderately
rural area and as we pulled up our long winding driveway we
noticed some lights were on in the house. My mother's
first response was, O.K., which one of you boys left the
lights on. But as we came closer to the house we noticed
virtually every light was on.
We cautiously made our way thru the house and back to my
folks bedroom where we found their drawers emptied. My
father went to his top drawer and discovered that the money
from our church's offering that my mother deposited every
Monday morning had been stolen. There wasn't much sleep in
our home that evening.
The next Sunday night we pulled up the driveway again and
our hearts began to race. Every light in the house was on.
We went in to find the large pain glass window smashed in my
folks bedroom, the drawers emptied and other parts of the
house ransacked. They found no offering money this week but
I saw my Father with a look of fear and anger in his eyes
that I won't forget. He felt he had been violated, someone
somewhere was ripping him off and with out any regard for
what it was doing to him, to his property or more
importantly his family. There was anger, hurt and confusion
in our household.
If that happened to me today I'd probably be one of the
first to purchase on of those yard signs, "This property
protected by a pit bull with aids." We feel angry and
offended we someone steals something from us. We simply feel
a deep seated need to protect our personal property.
We all have something, else inside of ,is There is a feeling
we get, something that fascinates us when we get something
for nothing. But God warns us not to let that feeling or
that desire ...

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