by Ron Clarkson

Living a G Rated Life in an X Rated World
August 12, 1990
Joke: A woman was accompanied by a friend to the police
station to report her missing husband. The officer asked
for a description and she said, "He's 6'5"1, athletic build,
blonde hair, blue eyes, soft spoken and gentle with
children." Her friend protested, "You can't be serious?
Your husbands 5'2", chubby, bald, obnoxious and mean to the
kids.' The woman replied, "Yes, but who wants him back?"
Many today are treating mariage like it's a used car sale.
You can do some test driving before you trade in the older
model. Or maybe I don't have any intention on trading, but
there is a thrill to driving a new car, one that gives me a
sense of power, sense of control, just the thought about
cruising a dangerous highway is appealing.
It is no secret that recent statistics show that at least
70%. of all husbands and 50% of all wives commit adultery
during their married life. People everywhere, married or
single, from every vocation, every sacioeconoic sector,
background have an extremely difficult time restricting
their sexual activity to the framework established in the
'(iy is Lliis hatpchuIy and why do statistiu~ show Lhe p.ublem
i celeratinf? why is the /LliL coiarnsi~cnt bcing bLukfL,
r crd breaking Drnpnrtions?
We fin No gin Lo understand the why peopie violate this .
commandment whon we look dt the veLy purLose behind the Qth
co-. ...wt. It is the purpose that people have missed or
refused to acknowledge. God designed the 7th commandment as
his built in protection plan for sexual pleasure. When we
miss this plan then we miss the benefits he wants us to
y%~o ~~~
Some of us may be shocked to here that God is pro-sex. We
have heard so many faulty analyses of God's view of sex that
we find it hard to accept that God, the Holy, righteous
author of the 10 Commandments is the prominent proponent of
healthy sex. "You're ki*&ing me ...

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