by Ron Clarkson

Living a G Rated Life in an X Rated World
"Murder . . . He Wrote"
August 5, 1990
Welcome: Good morning. I'm sure that most of you when you
got up this morning, you had no need for an alarm. You
probably were so excited to come to church because you knew
the subject. You probably turned to your spouse and said,
"Honey, I just couldn't sleep any longer, or said to your
kids, "hurry up, kids, we are going to church today to learn
about murder. Well, however you have anticipated this
morning, I trust God will show you the practicality and the
signi1ficance- behind this comman-dment- Let's ask t-e thfe
Father to show us the significance of the 6th ommandment.
Prayer: Father, this morning we look into your Word to find
your message for today. Will you impress on our hearts the
significance of this command to not commit murder. We live
in a society that stresses that command, yet it is violated
every single day. Will you make us sensative to this sacred
gift of life. Father, I also ask that you will show us your
deeper meaning of this commandment. Show us how we are not
removed from the implications of this command but it has a
daily effect on our lives and how we live. Teach us I pray.
Illus-. My son anc his grandfather h-ave a long running
verbal feud. When they tease each other the conversation
usually ends with the comment, "You are buzzard meat, you
are dead meat." When they jockingly say, "You're dead
meat," it means "you'd better watch out 'cause I'm going to
get you. Your doom is coming!" One day my son was teasing
my 2k year old Devon, and Devon looked at her brother and
said, "Your dead meat, Ryan." If I were paranoid I would
probably worry about her growing up to be a mass murderer.
I can see the headlines now, "Mass murderer traces beginning
to childhood phrase, "dead meat."
I don't think is has developed a propensity to violence in
her. She cries when the other kids break open a pinata, she
can't stand to see the paper ma ...

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