by Ron Clarkson

"What's In A Name?"
July 22, 1990
Welcome: Read Scripture: Exodus 2:7. Why does God ask us
not to misuse His name? What bearing does that have on my
life today, July 22, 1990? Before we look to answer these
questions, lets go to the Father and ask Him to teach us.
Prayer: Our God and our Father, we have come here this
morning to learn more about you and we are asking you to
show us what your message is for today. Each week we
address you as our Father, our God. Will you help us
understand to a greater extent what those terms really mean
and how significant your name really is. Will you show us
how each of us can grow closer to you by learning to use
your name in an appropriate way.
I also ask Father that our hearts will be prepared to hear
your message. That we will not look for loophples today,
but we will seek your truth and in that search we will
discover how freeing, how liberating your ways truly are.
Opening: About a year and a half ago my wife and I had a
baby and we named him Jordan Connor Clarkson. We called my
parents and told them they had a new grandson and we named
him Jordan. My Dad immediately piped up and said, "You've
only lived in Chicago a year and you name your kid after the
only basketball player in the city." My dad, along with
many others, automatically associated my son's name - Jordan
- with Michael Jordan, and thought we had named him that
simply because my wife is such a basketball fanatic. When
we told friends I had grown up with that we named our son
Jordan, they figured I had changed allegience from the
Celtics, they probably wanted me to name him "Bird"
Clarkson. Our friends in southern California voted for
Magic Clarkson.
Even naming your child Bird or Magic would be magnificent
compared to the names given to a pair of twins that were
born in Des Moines, Iowa just over a year ago. One of the
babies was named Orange'jello and the other was named
Lemon'je ...

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