by Ron Clarkson

Truth or Consequences
"Hearing the Hard Truth"
June 13, 1993
Illus: Wes Roberts - I have a friend that I visit every 4-6 weeks. I love this guy and I
can't wait to spend time with him. But you know, at the same time, I hate this guy and i
dread meeting with him. My friend Wes has been my consultant arnd counselor for the
past year or so. About 2 months ago Wes and I were finishing up one of our consulting
sessions and he gave me that look - and I said, "What is it?" He said, "Well, do you
want me to tell the truth or do you want me to make you feel better and lie to you? I
thought about it an said to myself, "I'd really like to feel better." But then I reconsidered
and said, "go ahead, ruin my day." And he proceeded to tell me that I was on the path H c "
to making my wife a widow, my kids orphans, and my church pastor-less if i didn't
make some drastic changes in my work schedule and disciplines. He ordered me to
drop everything and spend the next 36-48 hours away by myself to rest and reflect. I
was so busy at that time, I wish he would have just lied to me.
-L - C. .-- -Y ~.--. X
What goes on in our mind, how do we respond when we are confronted with the
choice; Do you want me to lie to you and make you feel better, or do you want me to
tell you the truth?
Illus: "Honey, how do you like my hair?" Well, dear, do you want me to lie to you and
make you feel good? Or do you want me to be honest and ask you how long it took to
tat r hoad out of the toilet? m j 0' t,-'-
"Hey, what about this tie, babe? What do you think about it? " Do I really want to hear
that she thinks it looks like the baby spit up on it- whicch- will hurt. Or should she lie- to
- ~" me and make me feel better. -
Illus: Ann's Dad lettirg us that he had Lou Gherig's - he wanted to put it off,
Most of us would prefer to hear a pleasart review of a medical examination bluet most of
us would not be foolish enough to close our eyes and ears rho J
$ Le 1-L6.- % W wore /t ...

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