by Ron Clarkson

Truth or Consequences
May 30, 1993
Illus: If I told , he /she/ they would
1. Neighbor - tired of his dog leaving deposits in my yard, he would never
speak to me again.
2. Wife - about my sexual frustrations, she accuse me of having a one track
3. Husband - really think 14 NBA games in the past 7 days was enough, he'd
get all defensive.
4. Parents - about my boyfriend/girlfriend and the sexual temptations we have,
they would blow their stack, ground me until the year 2,000.
5. Boss - about my tension with his unethical practices, he'd fire me.
6. Pastor - what I really thought about his sermons - ?
We could go on and on giving explanation after explanation of why - in our particular
circumstance, in our particular situation, that we can't afford to tell the truth to
someone. >W-s yWo
Read : Eph. 4:25; 15
I think everyone here- whether you believe the Bible or not, or whether you believe in
God or not - would agree with the Bible on this issue. Madeline Murray O'Hare herself
would agree with the principle that "honesty is the best policy."
But, there comes a time in all relationships when there is that time of tension, that
awkward moment when you are face to face with them, and you want to be truthful, but
you know speaking the truth to them would go over like a ham sandwich in a
In these situations, being honest, truth telling is a great idea for somebody else, but not
for me!
There was a blockage of the relationship at this point. WHY didn't I just say
Why didn't I engage myself in the situation honestly? Why did I hedge when it came to
telling the truth?
Point 1: It is human nature to prefer 8 cc K over '*
It is our natural propensity to enjoy peaceful, tranquil human interactions. We will do
whatever we can to try and avoid stirring up a conflict. The last thing we want to do is
traumatize the relationship we have we our boss, our spouse, friend or relative.
(t\a' -' A4< LJOe
lllus: Tri ...

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