by Ron Clarkson

Peter: The Impulsive Rock
Ron Clarkson
1 Peter 1:3

Prayer: Father, we thank you for Easter morning, that morning that your power was displayed thru the resurrection of your Son. The victory of the empty tomb, that is the uniqueness of the Christian message.

Father, take us back in our minds eye about 2,000 years. Take us back to the days when Jesus Christ walked the earth and help us walk in the sandals of those who Jesus walked with, talked with, and built his life into. . . the disciples. Show us thru the eyes of one of Christ's friends, one of his leaders, one of his disciples, what it was like in the years and days surrounding that first Easter morning.

As I stand here in this cold, dark dreary dungeon I think about what I should do. Years ago I would have been plotting to escape, or cursing the others in here, or throwing these rats at the guards when they weren't looking! But there is something different now. The word is out that tomorrow is my day, oh, not to get out of here; then again I guess I will be getting out of here. At least I'll never return here because tomorrow my number is up, I'm the one who is supposed to executed. But for some reason, I don't know. (shrugging shoulders) I'm not that upset.

My name is Peter. Some call me Simon, some call me Cephas, but you don't have to call me "Rocky" . . . a littleGalilean humor. That's what my name means, though. It means "rock". When I look back at my life sometimes I had the grace of an avalanching boulder, just leveled anyone and anything in my way. Then at other times, I was like a little whimpy pebble, soft and smooth and just didn't want to get scuffed up. I guess that is why so many who have known me have considered me to be so- . . . so impulsive, so reactionary.

All my old fishing buddies use to say, "you all know Peter, the one with the sandal shaped mouth. I was always sticking my foot in my mouth, sometimes both of them at one time. My fishing buddies were pretty patient with ...

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