by Ron Clarkson

"My God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?
Good Friday: March 29, 1991
Intro: People Magazine Article-Ryan White
Ryan White was a fortunate young man. And Jeannie White,
his mother was as well. Up to and even after Ryan's death
they were surrounded with people who understood the
importance of being there. They were surrounded with people
who were willing to give the encouragement and support
necessary to see them through their darkest hours.
Tn the midst of deep sorrow and pain, there is little relief
or joy other than knowing others care for you. The sense
that there is someone there, someone willing to hurt with
you when you hurt, cry with you when you cry, that at times
is the only thing that will be of any benefit. It might be
the only thing that will take the sharpeness of the edge of
the hurt for just a moment.
But as each one of us know fromour own experience, there are
times when we feel abandoned. Not just in death, but in
life we feel like we are in the midst of a hurricane and no
one offers to calm the storm, no one offers to steady the
ship, or give you a life jacket, let alone simply hold your
Aloneness, abandonement, a sense that others have forsaken
you. All of these are very real feelings and emotions that
can leave us emotionally bankrupt. And as T look aat the
events leading up to Good Friday, as someone, in the person
of the Lord Jesus Christ, who saw abandonment and felt
loneliness at nearly every turn. He experienced a sense of
being forsaken in spite of the words of friends.
Read Matt. 26:35-40
Jesus was at a time in his life when he needed his friends
most. Though he needed solitude he didn't want to be alone.
He had asked his disciples to watch - to be alert, and to
pray for him as he went to 'ray.
As Jesus prayed the feelings of anxiety and grief were
overwhelming him. He was emotionally wrenched knowing what
was ahead of him. During this white knuckle time he felt
the anxiety of rejection. Imagine, hav ...

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