by Ron Clarkson

Negotiating the Potholes of Life
"Staying Calm In Life's Storm's"
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You know it's going to be a bad day when: List
There is one thing that we are promised in life, and that is storms. We are going to
have rough waters, we are going to face rogue winds as we sail the seas of life. That
is about the only thing life guarantees us. Some folks think that just because they
have god in tbeir life or go to church, things will go smoother for them. But Jesus
affirmed the principle of life, "In this world you are going to have troubles, you are
going to face storms . . guaranteed.
The Bible talks about the different types of storms that we will face. There are the
storms that we bring on ourselves. We may not want to admit it, but many of the
storms in our lives we bring on ourselves. We make bad choices, say wrong things,
refuse to faceup to our weaknesses or we deny we have a problem and we end up n
a stormP-. Then we turns around and look for someone to blame -God, someone else,
anybody but ourselves.
There are also storms that we will go thru that are no fault of our own. There are
storms that other people cause. And beyond a doubt, these are he toughest kinds of
storms to deal with. When you are the innocent victim in a situation. This is the
case in our story today. Paul was about to be shipwrecked. He just happened to be
on board. It was not his fault there was a storm at sea.
I'm sure you've realized that storms don't play favorites: Illus: Rain/Sun at
weddings people complain and say couldn't you do something about the weather,
your a pastor - That's management, I'm in sales. Storms don't play favorites.
How do you deal with a crisis? Ho do you stay calm in the storm? How do you
negotiate the stormy seas in your life- regardless of what happens?
Background- God had put Paul- on a shilp- headed for Rom.e. Tha-t was Pal's life-
long desire - to go to Rome and tell others about the love of God. E ...

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