by Ron Clarkson

ating The Potholes Of Life
Liberation From Loneliness
September 29, 1991
Joke: A few years back Pepper Rogers was in the middle of a terrible
football season as coach of UCLA. Things were so bad that his homelife
was quite upset. He said, "My dog was my only friend. I told my wife that
a man needs at least two friends and she bought me another dog!"
All of us at one time or another have probably experienced loneliness.
Loneliness is one of the most painful emotions that we will experience in
our life. I want to offer some great encouragement to you this morning if
you have found yourself struggling thru such pain. The Bible tells us about
a time in the great apostle Paul's life when he was expeiencing some of K
the same hurt.
Paul was coming to the end of his life. The words we read this morning
are the last words that Paul ever wrote. The Apostle Paul wasan old man,
he was in prison in Rome. He was waiting to be executed by Nero and on
top of that most of his close friends had abandoned him. Paul found
himself a very lonely man.
Our Scripture this morning shows us 4 common causes of loneliness,
those causes we can't control. At times we bring loneliness on ourselves,
but the first cause of loneliness that we see in this passage is
Cause 1: Transitions
Life is a series of transitions. We are born, grow up, go to school, then we
& Ors
Paul is an old man, facing the enevitale - about to die:
READ 2 Tim. 4:6
Paul knows his clock is winding down, Nero is about to execute him and he feels
loneliness creeping in,1 You know, we often leave people who are dying alone.
Studio have shown that the loneliest people in the world are older men who are
i111. Growing old- can- cause great loneliness: - a?
Joke: After S years I've found you tried ad true. Transitions cant cause loneliness.
Cause 2: Separation
When we get isolated from people we love, we can get lonely. Paul asked Timothy
to come and visit him.
READ vs. ...

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