by Ron Clarkson

Negotiating The Potholes Of Life
"Rebounding From Resentment"
September 22, 1991
This morning we are talking about Rebounding From Resentment. The school of
resentmentesays, "When you get hurt and are angry always count to 10 before you
say anything. It will give you ro to with the t in-sut"
Resentment is holding on to a hurt. Resentment is letting a hurt turn into a hate.
- , - %-Q-rt -e a Id e-At4_
If there was anyone who ever had a fight to be bitter, to be resentful, it was a man
named job. We are going to opk at to see how we can negotiate the pothole
of bitterness in our life.
Job was the mross'Perdit, the Hwr Hughes of his day. He was the wealthiest man
on the earth during his years. He was lthy, he was prominent and powerful in
his day... ehis came tuing down. He- t eve; he went
chSapter 11, all of his Svmdren -urdered, then he contracted an urable
painful disease. i - M -ems - he hadsause to be bitter. The only thing
he dldn'f loose was his -wife.
-,was not lost though. Job had a W;;ds, at least-he thought they were friends.
They sat him down and said, w we have to tell you, it is all your fault." "Thanks
guys, that really helps." The Em- 9 : lift looked like they had been thru a
-iveum of go winters. He was so stressed he cried out:
L ' r
Read: Job 6:1;9:18
$r,st~zflov~~;~~~f "-like that? -our pelms and troubles have accumulated
on you faster than the ll-band seem more -i rmountable. You may be
experiencing the same 4fl,gt that Job felt. He was Idr,"ng and he began to feel
bitterfnes- in his life.
From the-f Job's life we cane gs this morning. You know,
it is We ngg;-, but it is to learn' from the experience of
others. You and Ian'h intake all the dsrves. And what
we want to learn from Job's life this morning are the CAUSES; CQNSEQUENCES;
1. What People Say About Me:
Read Job 12:5
It ,4when people syIdf eZut ps and the e k of Job deals with
h t-gs his -said about him. ...

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