by Ron Clarkson

September 15, 1991
Today we are going to talk about negotiating the potholes of life. How we can
handle the hurts and the problems that come into our life. The fact of the matter is
that-liif e is not all- fun- and games. We- do face potholes lhe road of ou,r life, we do
have difficulties. Jesus said that aslong as you live on earth, you won't be exempt
from problems in your life, you are going to experience hurt.
How will we hurt in our lives? Well, we will hurt physically in our lives. I know
many here at Oakdale who experience physical pain, some to a great degree, every
day of their life. There are folks who can't even consume food because of pain,
others can't walk, another has a severe sleeping disorder and that willeffect nearly
every system of your body. Physical pain is a very real hurt.
Another kind of hurt is emotional hurt. This can be hidden at times, and it is often
more difficult to deal with than physical pain. How do you deal with emotional
hurts like fear, guilt, anger, grief, depression. How do you get relief from those
kinds of things.
The third way that we hurt, is that we hurt relationally. The most difficult kind of
hurt to deal with is the hurt that is caused by other people. There is no getting
around it. Other people will hurt you. That is why we need to learn to negotiate
and handle that hurt. Sometimes folks will hurt you through misunderstanding
you. Sometimes conflict, rejection. How do you deal with the hurts that other
people contribute to our lives?
When we think about potholes in life, there was on guy who's life looked like the
Eisenhower. In the Bible, the book of Psalms portrays for us the gamet of emotions
that a King named David experienced. David is the kind of guy that just spills his
guts - this is exactly how I feel. In the passages we are going to look at this morning
we are going to look at 6 routes you can take that WON'T WORK - then we will take
a loo ...

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