by Ron Clarkson

The Great Adventure
"Enjoying Others"
Joke: Pepper Rogers was the football coach at UCLA a few years back. In the midst
of a terrible season he was having great difficulty relating with his wife at home as well.
He said this: "My dog was my only friend. I told my wife that a man needs at least two
friends. .. so she bought me another dog.
What does it say about life when dog is man's best friend? That's bad news! Life is to
be enjoyed, not simply endured. But it is awfully difficult to enjoy life with all the bad
news. Just look at the newspaper - it thrives on calamity, conflict and chaos. The T.V.
news - same thing. Even the weather gives you bad news. They talk about floods,
tornadoes, storms. Tomorrow always has a 20% chance of rain. They never say,
"Tomorrow there is an 80% chance of sunshine." Even the sports has bad news - guys
getting paid 4 million a year to play baseball. That's enough to ruin your day isn't it?
God put people on this earth for enjoyment. He wants them to enjoy Him. He wants
people to enjoy themselves. And, He wants them to ENJOY OTHERS! But, I think we
are loosing the art of relationships in America. Studies have shown how lonely
millions of Americans feel. Sociologists who conduct transitional studies say that
Americans are among the loneliest people on earth.
Barna Report: A recent survey of the American people asked this question: What is
important to you? The results showed what Americans felt the top 10 priorities in life
are. Having close friends ranked 4th in their life priorities right behind family, health,
and time. It ranked ahead of career, religion, the Bible, free time, living comfortably,
and money.
Now wouldn't you would think that if having close friends and enjoying people is such
a high priority, then people would be spending increased amounts of time with
friends? But they are not. People are spending less time with friends today than they
were a year ago. There has been a net decrea ...

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