by Ron Clarkson

The Great \Adventure
"Enjoying God"
December 6, 1992
illus.: Police helicopter spotted a speeding vehicle - radioed ahead to patrolman on
the ground. While writing the citation driver said,"How in the world did you catch me?"
The officer said nothing and just pointed to the sky. The driver responded, "Good grief,
are you trying to tell me that he has turned against me too?"
Many times we misunderstand God, and we misunderstand the way he operates. And
because of that, some of us have great difficulty relating to God. I have experienced
this in my life, and at times I need to ask myself, " How have I related to God, lately?"
How have I related to God this past month? What am i learning about God? And a key
question I ask myself is "How m I enjoying God, these days?"
Do you find yourself enjoying God these days? My tendency is to be "task oriented,"
always shooting for some goal. When I get caught up in that mode, or in the busyness
of life, I need to ask myself the same question I want to ask you. "Do you find yourself
enjoying God?
Transirott : This morning ! want tQ look at 3 WAYS each one of us can grow in our
process of enjoying God. We are going to look at how we can enjoy God's
There may be a little voice speaking inside your cranial cavity right now saying, "What
do you mean, 'enjoy God.' That sounds a little strange, different - it even borders on
irreverence. Does God really want me to enjoy Him?"
Personal Testimony: I must admit that for the first 25 years of my life, I didn't even
consider the idea of enjoying God. My life was like the drama - you just endure your
job as a Christian - don't enjoy it! Then I began to understand God in a clearer way. I
discovered thru his word that he wants his creation to enjoy WHO HE IS:
Read: Psalm 37:5
Illustration: My growing to appreciate the arts: Phantom/ Dance music, drama.
Friends, as I have come to a clearer and more ...

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