by Ron Clarkson

Janlary '7, 1 990
Welcome: Tplaik yoii for join0i-:ig IIs at O(( tois i morniilg, toe
first Su'inday of the New Year I Tm exc ited to th.inil albooot
the great tliings God loas i1i store for IIs as a c irci iii
1990( anid I bope tllat we c an ibe a part of yooor 1 990, aoi
irnstroimerit God miglht uise ili youir ] ife for the great thinigs
he hias iin store for yooi tloi s year ly liope is toat we wi ] ]
a]] liave a year t}oat will h)e wortlwhile, arid tloiS morniirig we
are goilig to see )oow God's designo for tlois year is thle 0nest
design we c oul.d fol.]low. TLet I s pray.
Prayer: Fatlier we come to youi tliis mornirlog from divelrse
hrack}groiirods, .ife experiences arnd expectatioros. Some of IIs
liere thlis moroinlg are expecting to finirl somethinlg from yoli
to j oist get Ios tlhrio thi S wee}k . Wi ]1] yooo provi de ttlat
Fatlher.. Some are loere expect tilog nothlIlog' ,jst k' inrd of
choec I lig toi s p-lace olit, cloeck irig yooi olit, Fatlier. Wi I.J. yro
shiow these oroes that youi are realJ' yooi are personal., th)at
yooii care al~ooot tloem-- loot ir1 ani al)strac t impersoroal. way- I)oit
ill a parti way, a speci aJ. way. Otloers are )lere toi s
moror ilg to en joy yooo Fatl)er, to loave a Iiivi lg enicoooniter wit,o
a J ivirlog . .ovirlg God.. fiay everyone loere tlb; s morn ilog
experience this. Ar:d may eacli of IIS liere thiis morninig
realJize that ouir l.ife is to hre wortliwlii le, real ize ooor need
to keep ini step Wiitli your desigoi for l.ife, youi tloe God of
c reation , toe designer of ].ife. Thois we pray ameni.
Opening Ills: I am so pleased witlh thre excellent jo)l Mlark
Siersma anid ooor Banod M~orninrgstar do each] weelk w; it) thle
ilS 1s c . I kn,ow the ioiurs Mlark and al.l t)oe miosicci aois pult iloto
th)e program and it is mcloiI appreciated. T appreci ate it
eveni greater brecsauise I qualified for a spe cial. moosic sch')ool.
wlioeoi I was y ...

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