by Ron Clarkson

April 16, 1989
WELCOME: Thanks for joining us this morning as we continue
to work at "Growing A Family." This morning we will talk
about commitment and how we can further develop it in our
life. In upcoming weeks we will talk about areas such as
"Spending Time Together, Single Parenting, and Building
Responsibility." Lets get started on solid ground right now
by and asking the Father to help us this morning.
PRAYER: Father, when we talk about commitment, sometimes we
become uneasy, a little uncomfortable, because we all have a
struggle at one point or another in our lives with our level
of commitment. I pray that this morning you will encourage
us, not frustrate us, that you will build us up, not drag us
thru the mud, that you will lovingly show us in our hearts
how important it is to be committed to our families.
Father, whether we are empty nest parents, parents of teens,
patents of younger kids, single parents, dual parents or
even future parents, please show us this morning what we can
do to better equip us for what lies ahead of us in the
process of parenting. In Christ's name we ask, amen.
OPENING JOKE: In the days of the wild west, a cowboy went
riding thru the prairie and came unexpectedly upon an Indian
lying motionless on the ground. His right ear was pressed
to the ground and he was muttering soberly to himself.
"Ummmm," he said. "Stagecoach! Four people inside. One
man, one woman, two children. Four horses, two mares, two
gelding. Stagecoach moving west. Ummmmmm." The cowboy was
amazed and said, "That's incredible, partner! You can tell
all that just by listening to the ground?" The Indian
replied, "Ummm, No! Stagecoach run over me 30 minutes ago!"
I don't know about your house, but I've had moments like
that when I might happen to sit with our kids, and I know my
wife has felt like that and we mutter to ourselves, "MMMMM,
5 kids, three dirty shoes, two dirty diapers. H ...

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