by Ron Clarkson

Time Bandits
The Time of Your Life
Ron Clarkson
October 1, 1989

Welcome: Welcome to OCC this morning as we wrap up our Time of Your Life Series. This morning we are going to take a look at those obnoxious little varmints called Time Bandits and try to figure out how to eliminate them from our life.

PRAYER: Father, we thank you for the opportunity to come here this morning and learn more about you, your love for us. You really want our lives to be lived to the fullest extent, lives filled with direction, meaning and purpose. We are also touched deeply when we realize and think about how much we really matter to you, that we are immensely valuable to you, so valuable that you gave your Son for us, to give us the life we need, to give us that personal relationship with you. I pray that as we learn about our time, Father, that we won't forsake the most important time priority we have in our life, and that is growing in our relationship with you. Teach us how to grow, also teach us to be responsible stewards of the time of our life. Amen.

JOKE: A man who went to see his doctor to get results from a check up. The doctor told him he had some bad news and some good news, which did he want first. The man asked for the good news first. "The good news is that you have only twenty four hours to live." The man was flabbergasted. "Only 24 hours, I can't possibly get all my affairs in order, make all the arrangements, plan everything in just 24 hours. I can't believe this. WHAT COULD BE WORSE? What is the bad news? The doctor responded, "The bad news is I was supposed to tell you yesterday, but I forgot."

We all feel like we are running out of time, we all try to figure out how to get more time, but unfortunately, time is a fixed commodity we all have the sample amount of Wimps, 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. The difference is in the way we use time. We can be a time user or a time loser!

Time ...

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