by Ron Clarkson

Getting a Grip on Your Schedule
The Time of Your Life
Ron Clarkson

Illus: Lewis Carrol - Through the looking Glass

Alice: Which way should I go? Cat: That depends on where you are going.

Alice: I don't know where I am going. Cat: Then it doesn't matter which way you go. Gallop Poll: A recent Gallop poll cited that One of the top seven needs indicated by the American People was the need to believe life is meaningful and has a purpose. If there is one thing Americans are good at, it's at maximizing their career potential. But if there is one thing American's struggle with, it is maximizing their life potential.

Illus: Scott W. I ran into a guy at health club - fit, tan, disciplined, we began to play basketball, racquetball occasionally. Grew into a friendship and lunch after lunch together he would tell me about how he had so structured his life, that he accomplishes every goal he establishes. Successful real estate, owned several properties, best shape of his life, been to this and that self help seminar, luxury sedan and corvette, regularly take exotic cruises with his girlfriend.

Scott was a locally successful guy with some big-time hurts. He sat there pouring out his heart. He had poured his life into successful accomplishments, and still felt a black hole in his life. What do you say to a guy who has achieved all his goals and still wonders why he is so empty?

The great American dream, for many people, has turned into the great American nightmare. A lot of people are doing quite well, thank you, between 8 and 5. But there comes a traumatic moment each day when they have to leave the office and walk through the door of real life. The prominence they enjoyed in the marketplace is replaced by an intense sense of dysfunction. Their contemporaries at the office applaud them, but privately they are haunted because their capabilities don't cross the office threshold with them as they leave.

It is possible to win at business and loose a ...

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