by Ron Clarkson

Taste of Christianity
Taste of Direction
Ron Clarkson
November 21, 1993

Joke: Suspenders on side view mirror

Some of us have our suspenders stuck to the side view mirror when it comes to trying to find direction for our life. There are some decisions in our life that are minor. They won't really alter the course of our life, just effect today and maybe tomorrow. There are other decisions that are moderate. They simply have more significant ramifications for our life, yet may not adversely or positively effect our future.

There are decisions that we make each day, though, that will significantly alter the course of our life. The problem is that so many of our lives are like the guy on the moped, we are swinging around in circles so fast, we aren't really sure which direction we are going. And when it comes to our spiritual direction in life, we are talking about the most significant arena we will ever enter.

Transition: I want to illustrate our spiritual journey through life by the use of these chairs this morning.

Intro Chair 1: We were all born into this world with a folding chair. A folding chair is a valuable chair. It is portable, it will support a certain amount of weight and comfortable for certain lengths of time. We come into this world and we take this folding chair with us on our spiritual journey.

We sit and observe our parents and the values they teach us about God, about Jesus and particularly the "h" word. Or maybe they take us to catechism for our "religious training." And we sit in Sunday School or catechism and our little hearts and minds are trying to digest some pretty complex and abstract issues like life after death, the concept of the Triune God, the concept of an invisible God. But some of us have our hearts touched at a very young age, and in the simplicity of our hearts we genuinely and sincerely say, "I accept the Easter story for my life.

How do the pieces of the puzzle of our life fit together? Are we on a jour ...

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