by Ron Clarkson

Taste of Confidence
Taste of Christianity
Ron Clarkson
November 14, 1993

Illus.: Boot Scoot'n confidence

Confidence is important in all aspects of life. It is important in your job, schooling, in your relationships. We all know that those who lack confidence in their job will probably not satisfactorily meet the performance standards. Those who lack confidence in athletics will choke during the big play. And those who lack confidence in relationships will flounder in a sub par existence as far as the potential of that relationship is concerned.

There is another-relationship in which we must have total and complete confidence because not only is our present, but our entire future is riding on it. This relationship is not one that rivals a puppy love, nor is it one that even compares to the deepest romance. It's not comparable to fraternal, maternal, or sibling relationships. Because all of these relationships will, someday, come to an end. But the relationship I'm referring to has consequences of magnanimous proportions - it has eternal, not temporal ramifications.

The single most important relationship you need to concern yourself with is the relationship with the very God of the universe. Are you absolutely confident where you stand with respect to your relationship with God?

Transition: As I prepare my messages each week I'm well aware of the audience that we have here on any given Sunday. We basically have four distinct groups here each week.

Christians: These are the people who according to the biblical definition are believers and followers of Jesus Christ. They know they are Christians, they are totally confident that they are Christians based on their relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Non- Christian: Biblically defined non-Christian who think they are Christians. Illus.: It's like the guy who would go down to the Chicago Bulls games in Chicago and he would buy a ticket off a scalper in the parking lot. He thinks he's goin ...

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