by Ron Clarkson

A Taste of Truth
A Taste of Christianity
Ron Clarkson
November 4, 1993

Joke: There was a young boy in Sunday School class who was asked by his teacher to identify the following: It's small, it lives in the woods and makes it's nest n trees. It is reddish brown and it scampers around and collects nuts for the winter. The young boy thought for a minute and said, "I thin it's a squirrel, but I'm going to say "Jesus." Many people believe that if I am going to be a Christian, then I must put my mind in neutral. It means that if I embrace the Christian faith then I better never doubt anything again the rest of my life. I better never doubt the Bible, I must never ever doubt my faith, and never, ever, under any circumstances should I doubt God or who He is. Illus. Some folks treat Christianity the way I treat a roller coaster ride. There is nothing I hate more about amusement parks than riding on a roller coaster. I must though, being the macho, all American male and father figure, ride those stupid rides that turn you upside down, inside out at tremendous rates of speed. When I get on these roller coasters, I clog my eyes, pray, and live in denial for the next 60 seconds. I refuse to allow myself to ask questions. I don't sit and wonder about the validity of the engineers reports. I don't doubt the stress quotient of the metal encasing my body. I don't question the power supply that will sustain the momentum through the loop-d-loop. I just exist in a mental vacuum until the ride is over. Needless to say, there is virtually no - zero - enjoyment for me in this endeavor.

And so it is with many who claim Christianity as there faith of choice. They have bought in to their parents religion and far be it from them to ever doubt, to ever question the genuineness or authenticity of that faith. We are afraid to doubt. The idea of doubt strikes terror in our souls. Yet, on many occasions I have had to ask myself, "how do I know that I haven't been sold a bill of goods ...

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