by Ron Clarkson

Producers of Inferiority
Seeds of Significance
Ron Clarkson
September 23, 1990

This past week I read a short story about a young boy who was sitting on a wharf watching an older man fish. He was fascinated by this older man but noticed that he was throwing away the larger fish and keeping the smaller ones. The young boy couldn't understand it since he thought the whole object was to catch the biggest fish possible. He finally broke down and asked the older man why he was keeping the smaller fish and throwing away the bigger ones. The older man looked at him and said, Son, my frying pan is only seven inches wide.

For some of us this morning, we only have a frying pan seven inches wide when it comes to our self esteem. We have restrictions or limitations imposed on our significance and therefore are unable to seize the opportunities which could be ours.

Self esteem is that honest, painful hard look in the mirror. That personal evaluation of who we are, what is our value, and are we really significant, does anyone value us, do we matter to anyone? Every person here has a different size frying pan. We all have our own appraisal of our own self worth. Last week we recognized that our self esteem directly or indirectly effects every area of our life.

Read Matthew 6:26 A simple, yet beautiful affirmation of how God values us.

The question today is why? Why is it that individuals suffer from a lack of significance? What produces that inferiority, those inadequacies, the feelings of insignificance in a person's life? Before delving into those answers lets pray together.

Prayer: Father, you are a magnificent God who designed a magnificent creation. You are a caring God who has given us life to enjoy, life to be lived to its fullest extent, life to be packed with meaning and purpose. But Father, sometimes that purpose is clouded, that joy is shaded, we feel like every non and then awe rreed a Jump start ir our life. Others feel like they are running on ...

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